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Misty Brown

Who Am I?

I am an artist and a creator and a willing instrument of the Divine. I am passionate about preserving the magic in the world and especially the magic that lives within us. 

I have made a commitment to step fully into my power by trusting in the gifts I have been given and by using my education, experience and intuition to help others find their own power.

I do this through counseling, sound healing, energy work, vibrational medicine and somatic therapies. I embrace Jungian psychological ideology and believe that our trauma, pain and harmful belief systems reside in our shadow or unconscious and is the root of imbalance.


The work I do is geared toward identifying harmful belief systems and narratives and learning what it means to create a new story in which you are empowered, balanced and living in joy and purpose.

We cant do this alone. Community and connection are the catalysts for healing and growth. 

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I have 26 years as a Reiki Master and energy practitioner, I am a community advocate and wellness guide and possess a rich variety of healing modalities and counseling skills. 

Sound healing  and vibrational therapy is at the heart of what I do. 

I am available for private sessions, groups and offer classes, workshops and community events. 

My education is in mental health and counseling and  my methods embody mind, body and spirit integration.  

It is my purpose to empower, teach and create community so we may make the changes necessary to thrive. 

What are These Retreats All About? 


My retreats are a platform for reconnection.

We become imbalanced when we lose our innate connection to our source of life, to nature, to the self and to each other.

Wellspring Wellness Retreats are designed to bring you back into homeostasis and to become a source of inspiration that will encourage you to take control of your healing journey. 

My Art

My art is an extension of my inner world.

Each piece I create for you is filled with loving intention, great passion for life and the search for understanding and beauty. 

Art can preserve and honor and my Celebration and Memorial Pieces are meant to be an extension and reminder of a loved one or pet, or cherished memory that you would like a lasting symbol of. 

Each piece is customized during our consultation to create a lasting conversation piece and unique work of art.

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