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Wellspring Arts & Retreats

Wellspring Keepsakes & Memorials


Preserve your joyous memories and honor those you love by designing your own custom keepsake piece!

Each piece is designed in collaboration. You choose your colors, style and materials you would like to  be included. 

You can choose between the Pyramid, The 3D Heart or the Moon Phase Hanging.

Add personal items: cremains, name plaque, crystals. flowers, keepsakes, photos and more.

I will honorably handle the cremains of your pet or loved one and add them to your design. (We can even add a little sparkle and pixie dust for artistic effect.)

These resin pieces are solid and sturdy and will hold up through the test of time.

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**The items you see pictured are samples. I custom make each order to your specifications. If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please contact me to discuss details and pricing.**

 Pricing depends on how you desire to customize your keepsake. I will need time to order special requests and materials such as whole flowers and specific items. (Flowers will need to be dried out) 


I can order engraved name plaques for additional cost.

If you have special items you need to ship to me in Dayton, Ohio, you will be responsible for the cost of shipping.

I am happy to help you design your keepsake and give you direction. If you are interested in a piece, contact me for a phone consultation so we can discuss your needs and artistic ideas and I will give you a quote.

Most items can be created and shipped within 2-3 weeks depending upon what you want inside.


All prices depends on customization



6 inch Pyramids (large)

starts at $95

3 inch Pyramids

starts at $35


5 inch Heart Keepsake

starts at $45

Moon Phase Hanging

starts at $45

Shipping price will be added to your total upon ordering. I use USPS prices.

Contact Info for

Misty Brown

The best way to contact me is via text or email.

Contact me and we will schedule a 15 minute phone consultation to discuss the project.

I consider it a great honor to work with you in this way to preserve the honor and memory of those you love. 

In Gratitude,

Misty Brown


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